TRT Academy Journal “Cinema” Issue

Deadline to send an article: 15 November 2017. e-mail address:

At the meeting conducted on 03 April 2017, TRT Academy Journal Broadcasting Board detrrmined the subject of our 5th issue, which will be published in January 2018, as “CINEMA”.
Deadline to send an article: 15 November 2017

Note: The ones who want to send an article are required to fill in and sign the application form on the internet address and send it with their article to e-mail address:


TRT Academy Journal “Cinema” Issue Subtitles:
Cinema and Industry
Cinema History
The Relation Between Cinema and Television
Tv Films
Sociology of Cinema
Philosophy of Cinema
Acting Woman in Cinema
Acting Child in Cinema
Awards, Festivals and Cinema
Cinema and Policy
3rd World Cinema
Digital Cinema
Cinema and Art
Cinema and Aesthetics
Cinema and Violence
Hollywood Cinema
Bollywood Cinema
The Far East Cinema
The Relation Between Cinema and Literature
Orientalism in Cinema
Europe Cinema
Turkish Cinema
Persian Cinema
Cinema of Children
The Relation Between Cinema and Society
Cinema and Discourse
Cinema and Reality
Ecoles of Cinema
Theories of Cinema
Cinema and Music
Documentary Cinema
Expression of Cinema and History

NOTE: Other articles in the context of cinema and communication apart from the stated subtitles will also be evaluated.
Information and Communication: 0312 463 33 64- 0312 463 28 41

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